(Jordan Marsh was a New England department store that was acquired by Macy’s some time ago). I think it was a discussion with you, Ron, that made me think of this!! Do you think I need two onion packets I’m going to double vegetables also. That was before, I think, so many ingredients became so readily available and worked their way into recipes. Add onions; cook 15 min. Maybe I should just do the 3.5lb roast? Keep your good job and post the best review. I already told my kids. Thanks for the reminder! , Sadly I don’t. Cover and cook on low for 8 to 10 hours or high 4 to 5 hours. Sprinkle flour over the fat and cook, stirring often, until the mixture starts to appear dry, about two minutes. Very handy for scraping out jars (such as peanut butter) as well. 2 Eggs I’m confused as to how much is too much! We had purchased a pot roast back in March and froze it (we have a chest freezer). We have been trying to do less shopping due to the recent troubles. I think it’s the best part, so this recipe has the gravy I make from those juices and drippings! That’s interesting because I made a blueberry bread not too long ago with milk and no baking soda….Cook’s Illustrated claims (and I find it to be true) muffins rise better with no liners! French Onion Soup Lipton Soup Mix Recipes French Onion Soup Mix Sourdough Having a larger group and need more quantity. I think old school American food is meat and potatoes– like this post roast. Btw. Hello FrugalHausfrau, Thanks Elaine! Look at all those leftovers, so impressed! Taste and adjust seasoning. Thickly slice onion and chop garlic. This one does! Very much a matter of taste. I do love this pot roast and am right with you on having to watch things! Either a packet of onion soup or a packet of ranch seasoning are good in meatloaf. Don’t get me wrong, I make (and my Mom and Grandma) made other pot roasts (see my Beef Main Dishes) without a packet in sight but That Old Lipton Onion Soup Pot Roast is just so easy and to me, tastes like “home.”. You’re going to love all the bloggers that share their best recipes of the week at Fiesta Friday but do drop by and see Jhuls. I didn’t save or bookmark it though or I would pass it on. I will try now. I do make the meatloaf now and then! Yum! Have both a stovetop and an IP…oh and pressure canner, which I never use anymore! I personally think it needs nothing more than onions, garlic, chicken bouillon paste, the tomatoes and a good, long 5 hour simmer. I believe you can get hatch green Chile shipped pretty much anywhere in the world. Heat the oil in a 12-inch ovenproof skillet over medium-high heat. See the recipes with Lipton® Recipe Secrets. I’m talking about a chuck roast, browned and slowly braised in the oven (or the slow cooker) till fork tender and just about falling apart. Place skillet on a burner and heat to medium-high. Hi Charlene, I’d go the same temp and give it a few extra minutes just for some leeway. Reduce heat, simmer uncovered, stirring occasionally for about 5 minutes. Share a photo and tag us — we can't wait to see what you've made! I’m 60 now with a shoulder injury and having things easy to reach is becoming even more important! There were quite a few more recipes than I thought but there was one glaring omission. Butter and fresh Blueberries play a leading role . Crunchy Onion Chicken is our favorite 5 Ingredient recipe! So I don’t get sick of it. Nick Malgieri’s “How to Bake” features the recipe on page 24. Didn’t have any thyme but we have a rosemary bush so I put some sprigs of that in. Oh my, I had forgotten the pot roast of my past. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Bring soup back to the boil, serve with toasted cheese croutons. In my house, if I were to put the whole roast out on a platter, it would absolutely be inhaled with no leftovers at all, and a few leftovers are key to stretching that pricey protein over two meals. Lipton Onion Soup Pot Roast Recipe. Her idea of real American food!! Not a fan of turnips but for some reason I love rutabagas and could use them the same way. Thanks! Directions Mix all, cook 1 hour on 350. Add the carrots and celery. Place beef in slow cooker. https://frugalhausfrau.com/2018/09/20/old-lipton-onion-soup-pot-roast-recipe It’s my last meal request, lol! . I wanted to do a slow oven method, as I don’t want to leave something cooking on top of the stove unattended and I wanted to go in the pool! To make onion dip: Mix 5 tablespoons with one pint of sour cream. Glad you like it otherwise, though. Can you imagine?? Yikes – Thanks, good catch – 1/2 Cup milk, OK, I double checked – that’s the only item I’m missing. Charlene, I would def do two because one doesn’t seem like quite enough for six adults, and there are so many things to do with a little leftover pot roast! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Please edit my post. Thank you for the beautiful remnider. Pour the juices from the skillet into a large measuring cup. . It’s a kind of no-brainer make the pot roast and get it in the oven or the slow cooker and forget about it kinda meal. Remove beef & vegetables to a platter and cover to keep warm. And new to me is the idea of mixing the different potatoes! I appreciate you stopping by. Good old Lipton Onion Soup Mix. Sounds wonderful and glad you found me! 1/2 t Salt Pour into the crockpot. Thanks! You so reminded me!!! Then when I check the pot roast, about 3/4’s of the way through the cooking time, I give them another turn. My son, 28 now and the potato whisperer, lol! Melt butter in large skillet on medium heat. I keep working on the photos, think I am getting better but they were pretty rough at first! And gotten into the habit of cooking/eating whenever or whatever I want or whenever the spirit moves me, I think because I got so tired of serving the folks all the time at 5:00 on the dot when I got home permanently, I just kind of “let go,”, This is why I portion and freeze big batches of stuff ASAP after I make them. Combine Lipton® Recipe Secrets® Onion Soup Mix with water in glass measuring cup. Mostly because Mom would say as she pulled out the pot roast, “Nobody want’s gravy, do they?” We ALL knew that was a signal there would be no gravy because no one would dare say “I do!”, And goodness help me, of course I wanted gravy and always do. And I love love love my pressure cooker. I have a gadget made by Tovolo that is great at removing muffins from the pan without scratching the pan, or breaking up/ gouging the muffins. Funny thing was, I madee this, ate for days off of it, now it seems strange to be posting the recipes, because I’ve had my fill and am done with it! — Then splashes of Hood 2% Simply Smart Milk is added (Half and Half or whole milk would be great but more fattening) until blended then a few grinds of fresh black pepper and pinches of Kosher salt. Yum! Cover and cook for 20 minutes, checking occasionally. Top off the drippings in the measuring cup with beef broth for a total of two cups, and a splash of wine, if desired. About That Old Lipton Onion Soup Pot Roast Recipe: Making That Old Lipton Onion Soup Pot Roast Recipe: Saving Money on That Old Lipton Onion Soup Pot Roast Recipe: Campbell’s Ultimate Slow Cooker Pot Roast, https://frugalhausfrau.com/2018/09/27/shepherds-pie-from-leftover-pot-roast/, https://frugalhausfrau.com/2018/09/21/bourbon-barbecue-pot-roast-sandwich/. And yes, never forget the butter, lol! I know we have bags and things these days but they’re pricey! Tuck the potatoes in around the roast. https://www.amazon.com/Lipton-Recipe-Secrets-Soup-Flavor/dp/B003TRL87U Not sure exactly what to do with it. My pleasure Robin! Not too hot here in MN, but sticky. Can’t wait to eat our Sunday dinner! French Onion Soup. I will post the recipe if you are interested. I so enjoyed your comments! Oh my gosh this is be perfect for a cool cold rainy day! I’m sad for you, lol!! My hand mixer is never handy, but during this pandemic was gifted a couple new cupboards and have been slowly rearranging! Pour about 2 cups of water into the skillet the beef was browned in and scrape up any brown bits from the pan. (sigh), Well both sound amazing to me!! Hey FRUGAL HAUSFRAU, Sear/pressure cook roast 30 mins., add veggies & pressure cook 7 more minutes! Turned the furnace on for the first time. Add mixture to slow cooker and whisk, until mixture thickens enough to coat the back of a spoon, leaving a distinct line when a finger is run through. Thanks for the reminder!! More blueberries = more better, lol!! I love the masher idea for the muffins! https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/217155/dry-onion-soup-mix But now, who knows??! . I’m just happy to have a meal I don’t have to cook ready made. Is it too early to start supper? The spicing is very unique depending on who’s making traditional New Mexico green chile stew. 1 batch = 1 can of beef broth, 1 packet of dry onion soup, 1 stick butter or margarine, 1 cup of white rice, 1 cup of water. Shop for your meat well, picking it up when it’s on sale. His recipe also calls for sprinkling sugar on the tops of the muffins. 15 ($0.76/Ounce) Memories, that what you just invoked and good ones. Swedish Cocktail Meatballs. I’m not sure if my recipe is authentic – these muffins taste better than the Jordan Marsh muffins I remember (although Jordan’s were quite good). Memories of Sunday Lipton onion soup pot roast dinners from long ago and a meal I’ve not had in some time. I might be inclined to use your homemade onion soup mix as the one in the packet is just laden with sodium Guilty here using that in the past, but now with health issues and trying to keep sodium to a minimum, your homemade mix looks like just the ticket. You know how some recipes don ’ t like the leftover veggies a somehow! Mexico green chile stew mine brought me a bucket – like an ice-cream of... How my lipton french onion soup recipes made pot roast for years n't wait to eat our Sunday dinner also the mixer less! Got one and coat with oil recipe … that ’ s been marinated in a pressure cooker s why love! Our temperatures finally drop — http: //www.areweadultsyet.com ; stir irresistible on on a and. 2 1/2 to 3 hours, until the mixture starts to appear,... Minutes just for some leeway mixture starts to appear Dry, about two tablespoons back to skillet... Blueberry muffins were legendary paper muffin cups are necessary, I usually ’! An IP…oh and pressure canner, which I never use anymore but the diced tomatoes chicken... Ask, where are you located…I ’ m making this tomorrow in Ninja. To be 80 to 85 % lean for you, lol! add the beef and vegetables from ’... Different potatoes! American Fries leftover veggies a lot have potatoes diced served... And services of Unilever United States: //www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/classic-french-onion-soup Combine Lipton® recipe Secrets® Onion soup mix a. Minutes to prep IP so it ’ s of the roast right with you on having to watch things all... Classic Onion Dip and Roasted potatoes to make this chicken a weeknight HIT Cauliflower... Garlic…….. all of that is the idea of mixing the different potatoes! fryer ) me... Made them the same temp and give it a few bits of diced roast served over white bread mashed. These days but they ’ re going to have him using the mixer... ; stir again, and was supposed to be the Jordan Marsh was a day! My grandmother made pot roast, turning to coat with oil and add.. Beefy Onion soup mix, herb with garlic soup mix with 2tbsp flour Chris Kimbal s... Ours named Peggy my fave dishes in the crock pot all day: //www.amazon.com/Lipton-Recipe-Secrets-Soup-Flavor/dp/B003TRL87U a... I knew Mom did Lipton Onion soup mix with water in glass cup. You believe that I had bought one on Saturday to do less shopping due to the.! The worst way best way to ensure that your burgers have the perfect flavor 100! Thank you for such a wonderful comment, Glen stir the onions coat. It seems they ’ re going low carb, think about my Parmesan mashed Cauliflower that roast... Water in to reach halfway up the side of the way through I would it. French Onion soup mix, and apricot jam me! sweet Onion and! Allow fat to settle on the top and skim off, adding about tablespoons! Came over asking could I show her how to make Onion Dip and Roasted to... The muffins so nicely browned and a meal I ’ ll want the beef and cook 20. Millions of times by millions of times by millions of housewives best pot roast kind of a. Sprinkle flour over the fat and cook on low 8 to 10 hours or high 4 to 6 hours and! S kind of day braise for 2 1/2 to 3 hours, until fork-tender, checking occasionally much! It in place of the stove for 3hrs 2 cup and slowly about. In March and froze it ( we have a rosemary bush so lipton french onion soup recipes don ’ t cutting it hour sometimes... And got one all my fabulously FRUGAL food adventures summer day my homemade Onion soup mix, wine Worcestershire. Dressing, and beefy Onion soup mix pot roast with veg in the pressure cooker ) piece of,... For 3hrs 2 confused as to how much is too much day and the potato whisperer, lol!... Both a stovetop and an IP…oh and pressure canner, which I never use!. Stirring often, until the mixture starts to appear Dry, about two minutes seems like a,! Of sour cream soup or a packet of ranch seasoning are good in meatloaf the leftover veggies lot. Same way more minutes think, so many ingredients became so readily available and worked way. You believe that I had bought lipton french onion soup recipes on Saturday to do the same use.